Drvenik Now & Then

Explore how little fisherman’s village turned into tourist destination worth visiting.



Drvenik is an attractive tourist village in the embrace between the steep cliffs of the mountain Biokovo and clean sea shore.

But other than a beach holiday, it is worth visiting an old abandoned village above the town, to get acquainted with the rich cultural heritage and enjoy local food.

Main pebble beach is located near the hotel „Ivando“ and for guests who prefer a more intimate enviroment,even for nudists, there are also more private beaches dotted around Drvenik.

In the late afternoon, guests can enjoy the beautiful sunset from the old village. View of olive groves, Drvenik, sea and neighboring islands is magnificent.


Interesting facts about Drvenik

  • Historical sources mention the village back in 13st.
  • He was named after dense forest that once were plentiful in that area.
  • Drvenik is situated in two valleys. (Upper and Lower) and Old Village.
  • Old Village has long been abandoned, and the population is settled along the coast.
  • Legend has it that Drvenik water source „Studenac“ has medical healing powers.


Three centuries ago, a young girl from Drvenik, Andjelija fell in love with the village boy called Ljubomir. But for lovely Andjelica, it was decided to marry a wealthy Turkish vassal prince Miletic from town of Vrgorac. A couple in love, did not want to part so they decided to secretly escape. Unfortunately, armed and angry turkish price prevented her lover, and Ljubomir was killed. Ljubomir’s brother avenged his brother’s death, and returned the heartbroken Andjelica to the village. Heartbroken Andjelica called out to her love for two days and on the third day she died of grief for her beloved Ljubomir.

This love story survived between our residents and it’s been kept and passed around until today. In the old village there is a monument which describes famous Drvenik love story.